Quality television production is based on one simple but critical principal: teamwork! We are truly blessed to have wonderful creative people involved in all our productions. Scheduling, accounting, research, editing, field production…there are so many important jobs involved in any of our productions. We are fortunate to have several core people who help make it all happen with every new production.

Colin McKeown

Executive Producer

Colin is a fortunate man who has had two wonderful careers. The first was 20 years in the Navy as an Officer; the second is in television as a producer. Starting with The New Fly Fisher in 2000, Colin has created and produced numerous series. Besides fishing, he lives to craft series about military and police work. Colin also loves working with people who share his enthusiasm for excellence, humor and good story telling. Every day is a great day, especially when you love what you do. Colin is blessed with two great kids and the most understanding and supportive wife in the universe.

Janet Remy

Business Affairs

Janet has been in the television business for many years, working as bookkeeper, project manager and stage manager. Hard work and a keen eye for detail are all trademarks of Janet. We call her the "forensic accountant" as she tracks down everything and helps balance budgets. In other words, she kicks our butts a lot! Janet loves quiet so she can focus on work — which is why she is happiest when everyone is out in the field. We are fortunate to have her involved in every production we work on. Janet has an incredible daughter and one heck of an understanding husband.

Jeremy Kennedy

DOP/Senior Editor

Jeremy joined JenCor in 2003, fresh out of college, to work on the first season of Truth Duty Valour. Right from the start we recognized how talented and gifted he was as an artist. Jeremy loves telling stories using his camera and his passion for quality has helped ensure our series shine – making them world-class productions. Whether behind the lens or sitting at an edit suite, Jeremy makes television that is vibrant, engaging and beautiful. He is our Jedi warrior of field production. Our studmuffin is now officially engaged. His first child is his dog “Toby”.

Bill Spicer

Host, The New Fly Fisher

Now in production for over 12 years, this series would not be possible without the true dedication and hard work of Bill Spicer. Bill has been a part of the JenCor team since 2003 helping to craft one of the most popular fishing shows on television. Bill has also helped with the creative process and research of other fishing shows that JenCor produces. Bill is a passionate angler, teacher, conservationist and all-around great guy. He is married to the southern bell of South Carolina who is truly understanding of his zest for fishing.