It all began with The New Fly Fisher in 2001. Now as an accomplished and dynamic television production company, JenCor Entertainment enjoys crafting innovative and entertaining programs that demonstrate their enthusiasm and passion for quality. Here are some of our latest productions with several new series in development. Keep checking back for updates.

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The New Fly Fisher

(30 min. x 208)

Still in production after ten years and with over two hundred half-hour episodes produced, The New Fly Fisher continues to set the bar for quality outdoor programming. Carried on broadcasters such as PBS, NESN, WFN, CBC, CTV TWO, and more plus it's broadcast in countries around the globe. Reaches over 90 million households each year in the USA alone.

Truth Duty Valour

(60 min. x 52)

TDV is all about intensity and grit. This military series profiled the Canadian military as it trained for operations around the world. In production for five years, this popular series was shot in both English and French. Seen on OLN, Historia, Discovery Civilization, The Fight Network and more, this series was exceptionally popular.

The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing

(30 min. x 13)

Popular author and instructor Tom Rosenbauer is the host of The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing which teaches the essentials of fly fishing. Created from the ground up to provide both novice and veteran anglers with the basics of fly fishing. This series was created for WFN (World Fishing Network) in association with the Orvis Company.

Combat Forces

(30 min. x 26)

Since the end of the Cold War, Coalition militaries have had to change their tactics and strategies. Adapt them to the realities of 21st century warfare. Think suicide bombers. Religious fanatics. Booby traps. IEDs. Combat Forces is a 26 part documentary series that brings to television some of the most intense coalition combat training of all time, to meet the new threats and dangers of the modern battlefield.

GUIDED with Mark Melnyk

(30 min. x 11)

Popular host of fishing television shows Reel Road Trip and Reel Fishy Jobs, host Mark Melnyk is now bringing to television some of the toughest and best fishing guides in the world. This highly entertaining new series profiles some of the true "characters" of the fishing world. Guides who do not suffer fools gladly and will make each minute a true challenge for host Mark Melnyk as he learns the ropes.

Courage in Red

(30 min. x 13)

Courage in Red is an exceptional documentary series that goes behind closed doors to reveal the incredible challenges, training and dedication of the men and women who serve in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This is a series that goes to the frontlines of policing to reveal all the drama and all the action, to truly show what it takes to police a country as large and diverse as Canada.